We Make Dreams come alive!

Tensidefilms LLC

Dylan Sides

17903 Huron River Dr. New Boston, MI


List of Equipment and Resources 

Lighting and Grip Equipment

8- Kino-flow 4 Bank 

28-Studio Altman Par can Lights (ambience)

4-600 watt Par can Lights with barn doors 

2-300 watt Par can Lights 

2-6” Fresnel Lights

3-Dynex Flood Lights with exchangeable soft boxes

1-Dynex Hair Light

3-Starlight 1k Soft Lights

1-Starlight 650 Soft Light

2-Mole Richardson Mini Lights with barn doors 

8-Mini Mole Richardson

4-B&M Mac Lights- Hard Lights

12-Soft boxes including 1 hexagon soft box & 1 rectangle soft box

6-Colortran 2k Lights, 1 with removable softbox

3-MiniColortran Lights

1-Arri Soft Light- 2000 watt 

2-XL Colortran Softlights with 6 bulb capacity

3-1000 watt Colortran sweep focus spot (flood) lights-tungsten

4- Colortran Berkey Minis

2-10k Tungsten Lights

11-Colortran Flood Lights

2-Male suction cup rigs

Variety of gels, strainers, and diffusion

Variety of gaffer’s tape, marking tape, etc

C Clamps

Sandbags for both stage and stands

3-grip carts

5-Frame diffusers

6-Diffusion/Blocking flags

6-Multiple Shaped Reflectors

Bounce cards, cut outs, etc

12-Light stands

3- Rolling Light Stands

10-C stands with clamps

111-Chauvet clamps (for attaching a lighting instrument to a pole)

42-Light Stand Connectors

Safety Cables for each light.

Cameras & Equipment

1- JVC 200 U

1-Canon 5D Mark 2 (105 mm zoom lens included)

3 - Black Magic Cinema cameras 4k

1 - Black Magic URSA

1-  Black Magic URSA mini 

1- Mattheus Doorway Dolly

2-Libtek tripods

1-Proslider Dolly

1-20ft Metal Track Dolly with 5ft individual attachments

1-Economy Pipe Dolly

1-Motorized head 20ft Jib Crane (not on New Boston site)

1-16ft Jimmy Jib Crane with Mounted Dolly (perfect for in house studio work)

1-Steady Cam arm and vest for the glide cam system

1-Glide Cam 2000

1-Glide Cam 4000

3-JVC Pro HD Monitors

2-16 Cam Pro HD Monitors

1-Field Monitor with battery (also able to be mounted)

Hidden Camera Equipment

1-Honda Four Wheeler with Camera Mount (in studio B, Taylor)

1-Rail System with Follow Focus

Audio Equipment

1-Tascam DR 05 Recorder

1-Tascam DR 40 Recorder

1-Handheld Zoom Recorder

2-Pro HD Shotgun Mics

3-Sound Craft Stage Mics

3-Wired Lav Mics

1-Wireless Lav Mic

1-On Set Mixer

1-Studio Mixer

2-Boom Poles

Fusion video pictures is a production company that produces commercials in Detroit Michigan